Relaxation Music

“Once Upon a Moment” is a 10 track audio and video of relaxation music.

“Beautiful, uplifting and yet relaxing music that will take you on a journey through your musical senses”

front Once upon a moment cd cover

The music has been set at A432Hz – the Schumann Resonance frequency. This frequency is believed to  positively resonate with the human body – and so creating a healing environment.

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Once Upon a Moment has been a Journey – most of it was written up to about 20 years ago – with some of the tracks recorded for the original CD called Earth’s Wish. The original recording was regularly played on SBS television when they used to have the test pattern visual with audio playing.

This latest version is a complete remix of some of the tracks from that CD plus some additional other tracks never before mixed.

The CD was designed to create a relaxing and yet stimulating atmosphere, to be perfect playing around the home or office – keeping the listener relaxed without sending him or her to sleep, or to be played by therapists and healers as  healing music while they work.

The whole CD was played by Graham Bishop – without any step sequencing – the aim was to keep that human feel.

A complete version of one track (Wondrous Dream) is now available to listen to both as an audio track and a video track.

Wondrous Dream


Here is a short sample of the video of Wondrous Dream


To see the whole video of Wondrous Dream:

(Note:The DVD version of this video is of a much higher quality)


Here are samples of the other songs from the CD / DVD:

Sweet Memory



Loves Dance


Joyful Moments

Earth’s Wish


Just to Be