Wizards: 5 piece rock 70’s & 80’s rock band circa 1990 – 1992



Listen to live recordings ( Manhatten Hotel, Ringwood, Australia, January 1992)

Turn Me Loose


Hot Blooded


Bitter Tears


Here I Go Again


Hold The Line


I was Made for Loving You


One Vision








Playing to Win


Oh Sherry


No Lies


A gig was recorded in 1991 at Edwards Tavern, Prahran in Melbourne and another at Cramers Hotel in Preston in Melbourne. The quality of the audio was not great as the video was made with a hand-held video camera and in-built microphone –  but you can see the production and get the feel of the type of band Wizards was from this vision.


Edwards Tavern sample 1

Edwards Tavern sample 2

Edwards Tavern sample 3

Cramers Night Spot sample 1

Cramers Night Spot sample 2

Wizards also appeared in a television advertisement to promote a Melbourne Hotel.

The vision is Wizards but not the audio.           

Kilkenny Hotel TV ad     

or Download the video:


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