Music Links

On this page you can find free information and Audio/Video links.

Great Websites

A great website for tips on how to improve your singing


Great websites for free jazz piano lessons.


Another website filled with jazz tips – this link goes directly to Perpetual motion exercises for Bebop jazz.


A Music Think tank – this link goes to ten rules for better songwriting.


A Musical Playground for Kids – and anyone else wanting to improve their music theory –  Music Theory Lessons


Hand, wrist, and finger positioning  guide for piano players


A Musicians guide to Marketing


Video Links to Great Playing

Oscar Peterson jazz piano lesson. A great TV interview where Oscar explains stylistic features of different jazz styles.

Full Length interview


Oscar Peterson interviewd by Andre Previn. Two master pianists – and they both play during this interview. A wonderful interview with great piano playing. The link is Part 1 of  6 parts.


One of the great contemporary keyboardists, Rick Wakeman: playing a solo version of some of his music.


A great jazz fusion composer and pianist Chick Corea: with his band “Return to Forever”.


A timeless classic – the Warsaw Concerto – played by Iona Maria Lapascu. A piece of music that made it from the movie theatre to the concert hall.


Dorothy Donegan An unsung genius of boogie woogie!   and



Michael Jones  a beautiful lyrical, ambient pianist

Amber (with David Darling)


Video Instructional  Links

How to play piano like Oscar Peterson


How to play a 2-5-1 Bebop lick on the piano