Imagine a beautiful natural setting: water cascading down a steep drop into a pool below, droplets of water exploding from the sunlight into falling prisms of rainbow colors: lush vegetation follows the perimeters of the waterfall on both sides. The water in the rock pool is pure, refreshing and full of vitality, and its edges are a mixture of grassy plateaus with rocks intermingled. The sun is shining and it is warm and vibrant – a clear, blue sky and the hint of a soft breeze is exposed by a gentle swaying of the tall trees nearby. The air smells of the sweetness of Mother Nature’s blended aromas of spring.

   There is an open area next to the rock pool where green grass grows unchallenged except for an occasional buttercup or dandelion. Beyond are the tall trees that offer a soft floor and cooling shade. A glistening stream leaves the rock pool from the other side and meanders away, tripping and gurgling over rocks in its path, adding excitement to its adventure into the valley and the unknown beyond. Vegetation engulfs the valley and the surrounding mountains.                                  

   Everywhere is peace and harmony.

   Within the open area stands a simple log cabin; and in the distance, at the foot of the same mountain that breathes life into the waterfall, lies a beautiful marble and granite mansion embroidered in gold and other precious metals. Weeping willows on both sides bow in reverence to the grand building and draw artistic shadows on her structure.

There is calm and stillness.

By: Graham Bishop (August 1989)

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