“Vertigo4” was a 4-piece original jazz / rock / blues / fusion band.

The band was a progression from an earlier band called “Liquid Groove” (2000) where some of the songs were first written and played. The guitarist from  “Liquid Groove” and to “Vertigo4” was Paul Vojnovic, and keyboards – Graham Bishop. Graham Bishop wrote the songs but there was always creative input from the band members. The original bass player from “Liquid Groove” was John Harvey, and on Drums – David Borys.


The first line-up for “Vertigo4” was: Graham Bishop – keyboards, Paul Vojnovic – guitar, Ryan Di Cecco – bass guitar & Michael Findlay – drums. “Vertigo4” began in 2003 and finished in 2005.


The second line-up was with new guitarist Lachlan Barrett after Paul Vojnovic left the band.



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The band did two quality recordings of the original material. Both recordings were essentially ‘live’ recordings.The first recording was with guitarist Paul Vojnovic.


The second recording includes Lachlan Barrett’s guitar playing. The recording was performed under difficult conditions with both the drummer and keyboard player unable to hear the bass player or guitarist.  For this type of band we all need to hear each other as each player feeds off the others.  These conditions made the band sound  a bit ‘loose’!


Enough of the excuses: what follows are some tracks from both CD’s.


The first CD was simply titled ‘VERTIGO’, the second CD titled ‘LIVE & KICKING’


 The first CD – ‘VERTIGO’


Indigo is online

Jimbo (was regularly played on radio PBS in Melbourne for a few months)

 Jimbo is online

Not an Enigma


On the Breeze


 The second CD – ‘Live & Kicking’

Diggin’ the Touch

 Diggin’ the Touch is online

Dark Star




Dream with Me




Dreamy Morning


Inner Spin – this song was written by Lachlan Barrett



Some vision of a gig sometime in 2005 at the Railway Hotel, Port Melbourne. The bass player was Peter Mollica – filling in for Ryan Di Cecco.




Some more original music – rehearsal recorded with 2 microphones in the room –  the audio quality is poor! The guitarist is Lachlan Barrett.

Transposed Midnights


I Remember You






All the music except ‘Inner Spin” written by Graham Bishop. “Inner Spin’ written by Lachlan Barrett. There was creative input, however, on every song by all of the band members to help create the finished songs.

Thanks to everyone! I loved playing this music! (GB)



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