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Located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Graham Bishop of CVM Piano Tuning – part of Creative Vision Music –  can do a great piano tuning of your acoustic piano:

Best Rates!



The cost for tuning an acoustic piano is $275 per piano – and a discount may be available – you are welcome to ask!

Repair costs would depend on the work required.



  • A piano is very difficult to tune since it has more than 250 strings that are held under extremely high tension.
  • In-harmonicity requires a piano tuning to be stretched or tempered. For this reason all piano notes are not tuned to the theoretical mathematical frequencies. the theoretical
  • mathematical frequencies.
  • The tuning pins that they wrap around are set very tightly in a strong wooden block.
  • Muting wedges and muting felt are also needed to dampen surrounding strings.
  • All pianos exhibit what is called in-harmonicity, which varies with each particular piano.
  • Piano tuning and servicing is a very complicated process that takes a lot of training and skill to do it right.
  • You must have a special wrench (called a tuning hammer) to turn them up or down.
  • Don’t tune your own, wait for a pro to help.
  • There is a big difference in feel when you are tuning, between turning the pin and twisting it. It takes a lot of time to develop this “feel”. If you merely twist the pin, it won’t stay in tune. When you turn the pin you can feel a break in the friction through the tuning hammer. This is perhaps the one hardest skill to develop. It is best while you are puling the string to a higher frequency to hit the key hard driving out any loose tension this will make your tuning last longer as it will simulate actual playing of the piano.


  • A piano is a fine and delicate instrument that should be tuned about twice a year. There is more to tuning than just following these instructions. It would be advisable to seek the services of a professional piano tuner to make sure that the tone is of good quality and sound.
  • If a string is tuned too sharp, it will snap. Replacing strings is tricky and costly, so tune with caution.
  • Tuning a piano is a very specialised and delicate task – that is why it is better to call in a professional piano tuner.


  • Call CVM Piano Tunings on 0409 135 565 –  to get your piano professionally tuned
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