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This book will show you how to achieve great flexibility in your hands & wrists. This is something all virtuoso musicians have. Without good flexibility a high level of playing cannot be achieved.

Learn how to get the flexibility with specific exercise instead of hoping to by just playing your instrument. Also the exercises are a great way to warm up before playing!


  • There is one thing all great players of music will have – flexibility in their hands and wrists.

  • Music instruction books and teachers usually focus only on the playing to develop stretching of the hands as part of the way to improve technical ability at the chosen instrument – be it piano, guitar, etc.

  • Those individuals who become very good very quickly all have that one particular thing in common – great hand / wrist flexibility.

  • There are many people with great musical potential mind – wise but a hand / wrist that lacks flexibility will not allow the player the freedom to play easily what their mind is asking them to play.

  • There must be many musicians who feel that if only they can get their fingers to move the way they have seen others play, they know they could play just as well – they know they have the music inside just waiting to be expressed properly.

HERE are a set of hand / wrist exercises that if performed daily should in time give you the extra flexibility you may need, and plus these exercises are a great way to warm up the hands / wrists before you begin playing.

The complete book of  “ Secret to Playing like a Virtuoso Musician”  is a “simple-to-follow” instructional manual with exercises that can give you that flexibility advantage, and also can be a great warm up routine before playing.

The results are going to be more obvious for those people who begin with the least flexibility but practically everyone will see improvement over time.

You should at first notice that some technical difficulties start to get easier – even ones you might have been aware of for years. Bit by bit the playing will get easier and what you are capable of will grow.

HERE is one of the Hand  & Wrist Exercises for you to try:

Exercise 1:

Choose one hand to begin.

  • With 3 fingers and palm on a flat surface, use the other hand to raise the ‘free’ finger (say, index finger) and stretch it upward towards its limit. Do this slowly and don’t apply very much force or bounce the finger.

  • Support the ‘free’ finger completely from the base just above the knuckle to the top of the finger with the other hand. Hold for at least 30 seconds.

  • The finger will gradually and naturally stretch higher as you hold the stretch.  See Photo below.302a copy

book front & back copy


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Secret to Playing like a Virtuoso Musician

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