Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting Lessons


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Styles: Classical & Modern styles including jazz & blues

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced


Pricing: $30 per half hour individual tuition


$ 30 per hour per student in groups


 Also Contemporary songwriting classes, individual or group sessions, for all ages and levels.


Style of lessons to suit individual requirements: they include:

  • one off start lesson from a blank canvas that introduces how to develop a song idea, basic lyric ideas, lyric structure, effective chords progressions, basic form.

  •  lessons that develops song ideas and cover more in depth concepts such as rhyme, metaphors, prosody, melodic phrasing, idea/character development, maintaining focus and working  through various song ideas.

  •  an analysis of a current piece of music you are working on and some feedback and ideas on various versions etc.

Learn in a  relaxed environment with a very experienced & passionate teacher.

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