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The Kings of Country Rock


Link to some video footage of: The Kings of Country Rock – Gladstone – Qld, 2016

The Kings of Country Rock 2019 with members of Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing as a String Quartet – the quartet music (35 Quartets) composed by Graham Bishop.

The Kings of Country Rock toured around Eastern Australia and S.A. playing pubs, clubs, and in 2019 exclusively in theatres.


Below: The Kings of Country Rock live at Sydney State Theatre 2019


No Standing / Lifespan Promotional:


No Standing was also known as Lifespan and toured around Australia during 1986 – 1987 playing a mix of covers and original music.

White Wedding:  No Standing –  Darwin – Nightcliff Hotel – 1985

Quite an experimental version of the classic song!



A couple of original songs:

Street Talking


Drug Free Day


Some live video


Some more video

Graham on keys

Merv Bond on drums


                                                                  Paul Florenca on guitar         Virgillio Florenca on bass guitar




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