Professional pianist & keyboardist

Graham Bishop is a motivated professional pianist & keyboardist

offering your venue or band:






As a soloist, Graham brings to the venue:

  • a wealth of experience and an accomplished contrast in styles.

  • His playing appeals to the differing musical tastes of any audience whose attraction may range from the mellow introspective sound of new age piano to that of distinctive blues, the groove of jazz, bounce of honky-tonk, contemporary piano, or that of beautiful and charming classical.

  • On request: Graham can play a variety of styles or stay with one main style


As a keyboardist, Graham offers:

  • great sounds

  • a sense of what to play and where to play it

  •  a good sense of  creativity within the scope of the music being played whether original works or covers material.

  • Also when required, a good ear to faithfully learn the material as close to the original artist as necessary.

  • Added to this is the experience of good backing vocals.

  • Graham also can write arrangements for strings or brass sections for bands.











Smooth Electric piano jazz


Indigo – jazz/blues 




Body & Soul – jazz (excerpt)


Fantasie Impromptu – classical (excerpt)


Piano Man – modern (excerpt)


Autumn Leaves – jazz with backing (excerpt) mp3


Graham Bishop keyboard solo – with band Rufus Jack (June 2022)



Even in a noisy party atmosphere, Graham can provide the music that fits:

Some jazz piano at a chill-out party!


Some ‘live’ piano


Some Bands material



Ain’t Behavin’

Vision 5





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